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Firefly   fpr   Aurora   Nanoleaf

Take control over your Aurora nanoleaf. 

Create "frame by frame" animation or build your static theme all with ease !
Enjoy one button click scene creator based on your selected color.
Access each panel and set any color or brightness with touch of your finger.
Firefly Pro allows you to upload your theme to the light itself (so you can sync it with the cloud and enjoy home automation).

download link from the app store
download link from google play
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Key Features


• Create Frame by Frame animation.

• Build your static theme with ease.

• Access each panel and set it your way.

• Edit Your Theme.

• Upload your theme directly to lights and enjoy home automation.

User Review

Ryan G

Incredible value. Works great on my Android. Being able to create animated scenes down to the frame, customised to move through your own shape of Nanoleaf can be very cool, but you have to put the effort in. And you can edit existing animated scenes you created. Love this app !

5 January 2019
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